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Privacy Policy

freeeaglestudios.com and its’ family of websites are corporate websites that collect basic statistics on its’ members to provide goods and services, such as the delivery of newsletters or selling books.

Free Eagle Studios, LLC stores basic information about its’¬†members for the purposes of coordinating newsletter deliveries, such as names, email addresses, and referral information. This information will not be sold to any third party.

Free Eagle Studios, LLC does not share individual personal information with third parties unless it is required by law.

Free Eagle Studios, LLC logs IP addresses of visiting users for statistical purposes and to maintain the integrity of the site. We do not sell this information to third parties.

Free Eagle Studios, LLC uses cookies to record settings to a user’s local computer. This stored data is not used to mine for personal information or to collect data on sites outside of those owned by the company.

Free Eagle Studios, LLC takes care to protect personal information, but cannot unconditionally guarantee the security of its’ database from outside attack or compromise.

Free Eagle Studios, LLC will update this policy from time to time and alert users of the changes via the blog at freeeaglestudios.com or via the alert system on the site. It is the responsibility of our users to be aware of the current policy.

Questions about the privacy of this site can be directed to General Inquiries in the Contact Information screen.