Illumination (Maereath: The War of the Democratic Coalition, #2)

Author: Eric Mrozek

Series: Maereath: The War of the Democratic Coalition

Genre: Fantasy/War/Diary

Publication Date: July 29, 2016

Pages: 289

ISBN-13: 978-0-9966707-3-9


Although Callistan and Fiean forces have won a stunning victory at the Battle of Arduth, the discovery of a Telurian superweapon program has shaken the Democratic Coalition to its’ core. In response to the threat of mass destruction, Helisah and Aegras Almari have volunteered for a covert search-and-destroy operation inside the Dalarian Republic. What they thought was just a difficult mission soon exposed a Telurian conspiracy led by Thrakoth’s deadliest servant: The Lady of Knives.

With Helisah’s new love, Fasti, at their side, the Almaris travel south to stop the Lady from spreading the will of her overlord across the continent of Arthan, but they may be too late. Although they are outgunned and under siege, Helisah, Aegras, and Fasti must fight on to end the threat of a second front and uncover the ancient secrets that can end the war, once and for all.

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